Monday, December 20, 2010


Some very kind friends of ours were not able to use their weekend get-a-way and play tickets to Leavenworth, WA; somehow we were the lucky recipients. The whole weekend would not have been possible without the Cox family (Alex and Tyler stayed there) and my sister Emi and Ryan (Coop and Chloe stayed there) watching the four kids that did not get to come with us. It was a little tricky picking just two kids to come with us since we knew that all of the kids would think whatever we picked wasn't fair. In the end I think we all ended up winning -- each of the kids had a really special weekend.
Nate and Alysee were the lucky two that were chosen to come with us. We decided that both of them could use a little extra one-on-one time. They were very well behaved and said several times that they felt like they were in heaven.

The four of us on the outside of the beautiful condo we stayed at Friday night.
Inside we were snuggled up all cozy and warm and enjoyed watching the Jim Carry version of "The Grinch."
Nate and Alysee played game after game of checkers.
Birch doesn't get too many opportunities to sleep-in at home. I've always been jealous of how cute he is when he sleeps--where is the drewel, the mouth hanging open, and the snoring?
The next morning we got bundled up and ready to wander the town.
I enjoyed a morning cup of delicious hot chocolate--I think I could get used to this.

Outside the whole town gleamed white with snow.
On the main streets there are even little fire pits to warm yourself.
What can I say? It all made me so happy and filled with the magical spirit of Christmas.
The kids spent about two hours sledding in the town center.Birch and Nate on a wild ride!
My first sled ride of the year (and probably my bumpy).
Nate basked in all the attention. The two of us went and found a little shop that made homemade mini donuts on the spot. What a tasty treat!
Alysee and Nate had the time of their life!
The only thing missing in this picture is MY MAN!

The matinee play we went to was called "Amahl and the Night Visitors." It was just the right length and entertaining to the kids. After the play we got Subway sandwiches and headed home to pick up the rest of the chillins. All the kids had so much fun sharing what they each did all weekend while they were apart. I sure wouldn't mind making this a tradition!


The Accidental Bavarian said...

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Matt said...

What an awesome trip! You look great Sara.

emily a. said...

The town looks amazing. I can't wait to go there someday. I love you in my hat. You look cute. And yes Birchy, you are a nice looking sleeper.

kg said...

What a fun weekend!!

Laurie said...

Awesome that you had such a nice vacation...(and a nice Christmas). With all your children & hard work you guys deserve it! Leavenworth is so darling, it almost looks like a 'fairy tale' place! Thanks for sharing-). Aunt Laurie & Tom