Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family Time

We have been loving some family time with my sister Laura here for a visit and spending time with Emi and Ryan and their girls.
Ryan celebrated his birthday by getting a new job!!! We're so happy that they will not have to move. We absolutely love spending time with them.

Recently one Sunday Alex and Tyler spent all afternoon coming up with their home version of "Minute to Win It." We had so much fun playing our Ditto Family episode that night. Love this picture of Ryan!

Coop was a pro at fishing for paper clips.
Alysee was quite talented with balancing the dice on a Popsicle stick.
Emily rocked on the game "Chocolate Unicorn." Sage was so proud of her mommy!
Even Aunti Laura was quite skilled in "Paper Jam violin."

We're so glad to be surrounded by family!

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emily a. said...

We love games with the Ditto's!