Thursday, January 27, 2011

My little baby that grew up

Many moons ago my job before heading to school was to get my baby sister Laura ready for the day. I bathed, diapered, and dressed her each day. We had a special bond! Flash forward twenty-five years and my little sister has grown up into a beautiful woman and sweet mommy. Laura and her family are preparing to move for their first real job to Winnemucca, NV. When I heard that she was going to be hanging out with her in-laws for a month before moving I suggested that she share the love and come visit us for part of that time.

Laura and little Isla were able to stay with us for two weeks. The time literally FLEW by! My kids were all spoiled with homemade breakfast in the mornings, someone to play games with, and a baby to keep them all entertained.

Don't mean to brag...but Isla was pretty smitten with all of us. She couldn't take her eyes off of Alex.

Did I mention how cute Isla is?
I mean look at those yummy lips!
And those big eyes!
And the cute tuff of hair on top!
While here Isla found her toes (I just might have helped her locate them). We have passed on all of our girl clothing and baby furniture to Isla so it was fun to see her in some of our familiar outfits.
I didn't let Laura just lounge around while she was here. We shopped, ate more veggies than normal, and sucked all the craftiness out of her.
Laura painted a picture for my sister Emily that I have always envied. So...I now own my own Laura original! I love the painting and it makes me think of her every day I see it on my wall.
Chloe was in baby heaven! She loved every little piece of Isla.
I tried not to hog Laura all to myself but occasionally let her out of the house to spend time with Emily. The three of us had a marvelous time together!

Hurry back!!


Mama Nirvana said...

I think I must be super emotional this morning, because this really made me tear up. Your niece is just beautiful!

laura said...

Oh we am missing you all so so much!

emily a. said...

That was a sweet comment from Amy. We miss little Isla and those pictures are so sweet. I remember Laura being your little one. You got to dress Laura in the morning and I had to take out the garbages- I think you got the better job.