Sunday, February 6, 2011

Camp Z Fun

Several months ago we made plans to go to Camp Zarahelma (aka Camp Z) for some winter fun. We were planning on the kids sledding until their hearts were content and lots of fun with family and friends. The weather was kind of nasty when we got up there--think crusty old snow with a thick sheet of ice on top, and then a thin layer of slippery rain.

Despite the conditions, it turned out to be a super fun and muddy weekend with good family friends!
When we got up to Camp Z Friday night the Cardons and our family provided soup and bread for dinner. After we split all 23 kids up into age groups and had three cabins for them to rotate doing games for the evening. Our cabin was "Minute to Win It." It really is just such a fun game and so easy to adapt for all ages.
The next morning Emily and her family and the Kreutz cooked up a yummy pancake breakfast for everyone. Then the kids were out the cabin door in search of secret hiding places, icey sledding hills, and frozen fish in the lake.
Nate loves to be outside!
Nate and Coop -- such handsome brothers!
Alex and Tyler had so much fun spending the weekend with their friends.
Chloe was not a little angel when our WHOLE family was trying to sleep in a one room cabin but some how by morning we all loved her again.

I think this is going to be a new family tradition!

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emily a. said...

Thanks for allowing us join in on all the fun!