Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lover's Day

The kids sure make each holiday so fun. They relish in every little decoration and fun activity planned. We carried on our tradition of filling up our ice cream sundae cup with beads when we had each done kind things for others. It was a bit of a challenge this year because Chloe was obsessed with dumping out the beads and carrying them around in her purse.

Birch treated me to some beautiful roses which sure made our Valentine's dinner table look beautiful.
We had chicken cordon bleu, orzo, homemade chocolate dipped strawberries, corn, and sparkling cider.
After a delicious dinner we were all treated to homemade ice cream sundaes since we had filled up our LOVE JAR.
Alysee has had her own little love life drama. There is this boy in her grade that has a big crush on my EIGHT YEAR OLD. The whole saga has been quite entertaining and a little scary that we are even dealing with this so early on.

Here is a letter that the little boy wrote Alysee:
Alysee was at a loss about what she should do. After talking about her options Alysee wrote this note to the boy:

You'd think he would get the idea that she is just not interested but then Valentine's Day rolls around and this is what he gave Alysee:
Chloe totally scored since Alysee would have NOTHING to do with the lollipop.
Finally when we got all the kids tucked in bed Birch and I went into our room to be reminded that we had six loads of laundry to fold before we got any snuggling in ourselves. Happy Valentine's Day to us!


laura said...

Wow, I am rolling. Was this the same kid she was talking on the phone to her friend about. Cute. On the other hand only your daughter would use the word, "lover" instead of something more normal like, say, girlfriend. Cracks me up.

emily a. said...

Those letters are so funny. I forgot to talk to Alysee about it today. I agree with Laurels- the word lover is such evidence of her upbringing.