Saturday, March 26, 2011

Favorite Day of the Week

Hands down Monday is my favorite day of the week! Why?? My Lover is home all day long. Often Monday's are filled with house projects, errands, doctor's appointments, feeding the missionaries, scout stuff, etc... but I love every minute because we get to conquer the day together.

Chloe also LOVES Mondays. She loves doing anything with her daddy and loves that on Mondays Birch rotates eating lunch with each of the kids and she usually gets to come a long. Chloe is like the class pet of the classroom. When she enters the classroom door everyone wants to "pet" her, have her sit next to them, and get a goodbye hug. She may act shy but really she is in heaven!
I gave up dressing her a long time ago. Sadly she has decide that each day must be tackled in knit pants -- she checks each morning to make sure she can stretch adequately. The cute new jeans I got her have only made their debut once.
Love this nut!


kg said...

I would love Mondays too if Mark were home! Friday it is at our house, he's usually home very early!!

emily a. said...

Those sunglasses kill me. At least her stretchy pants are actually that and not pj's.

Fowler family said...

She is so cute! How awesome your hubby is home every Monday. Lucky!