Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The luck of the leprechaun

The morning of St. Patties Day I wasn't feeling so lucky as I had a run in with the guy that controls the little canal behind our house (he cut the cable to our draw bridge because I left it down after Tyler left for crosswalk patrol and the other kids going to school and hauled it off all while I was yelling at him--not a pretty memory). Anyway, that is another story in itself.

By the afternoon time I was feeling badly that I hadn't done anything to celebrate St. Patrick's Day especially because the kids love every holiday. I was able to get over my grouchy self for a bit while we created some fun dinner treats.
Rainbow Cupcakes -- fun to make! I usually steer from anything that is full of artificial food coloring but these were too hard to resist. Each of the kids were in charge of one color of the cupcake.

They turned out super cute!

Dinner was mighty tasty -- pesto over noodles, pina colada jello "gold", and soft shamrock pretzels.

Alysee was the one that truly found gold -- she got a phone call telling her that she won a brand new ipod shuffle from this family expo that we went to last weekend. She has been in music heaven ever since.

Happy St. Patties Day!


kg said...

What a fun mom you are...I was lucky I was at my mom's house to celebrate, she made a green dinner :)

emily a. said...

You are a fun mom.