Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seven...a little bit of Nate heaven

Nate the Great turns SEVEN!!!! Hard to believe this little man is seven already. Just before his birthday Birch and I went to parent/teacher conferences for all the kids. Oh my, Nate's teacher just went on and on how much she enjoys Nate. Nate excels in math and is so not like his mommy but very much like his daddy the way he can problem solve in his head (I still have to use my fingers and toes.) He is a great reader but apparently needs to turn up the speed dial just a hair. Nate loves spaghetti and meatballs, shrimp, chicken sandwiches, and stromboli. Nate can be so sweet but also balances that personality trait with a hot temper. We are working on mastering that trait -- it certainly does give him motivation to excel and a fierce drive that is not to be interrupted. Nate's drawing skills are amazing and he is wonderful at adding little details to his pictures.Nate scored with having his birthday on a Saturday this year. He got to go out to his choice of restaurant with mom and dad for lunch. Nate knew instantly that he would pick Olive Garden. For dinner he requested chicken sandwiches.
Birch made Nate's cake this year. Nate had chosen to have a sports theme cake and Birch was pretty excited with what he came up with. The kids have been loving having a new set of balls to play endless hours of BUMP! in the basement with Birch.
That's a lot of candles to blow out! Nate's favorite present was a new skateboard.
In January Nate decided that he wanted to start reading the Book of Mormon daily. When this kid makes his mind up to do something WATCH OUT! Nate has been faithful in reading each night in his bed. What an example!
Nate and Tyler still lead the school in total number of miles accumulated in their weekly running during lunch recess. Not to brag...but we are pretty proud of our two boys.

Love you Nate!!!


kg said...

Whew! What fun to catch up, lots of fun things happening over there in Yakima!

emily a. said...

I'm super impressed with you Nate. You are so sweet and kind with Sage and Mila. I love watching you play and snuggle with Mila.

I can't believe you haven't missed a day reading- I need to be more like you.

Matt said...

He is a little stud! We miss you Nate Dawg!