Monday, May 16, 2011

Eat What You Want Day

Who knew that May 11th is National "Eat What You Want Day". I recently gave Alysee a calendar that had all sorts of random holidays on it. I told her that she could pick one holiday that we don't celebrate and we would add it to our family traditions. She had a hard time choosing but finally choose "Eat What You Want Day" after all her siblings convinced her it would be an awesome day.

One of my favorite Family Home Evenings growing up was when my parents would give each of us a $1.00 and we would go to the grocery store and choose whatever we wanted within our dollar budget. When we got home we would put everything on the table and eat that for dinner. We decided to pattern our new family tradition off of this old tradition of my family--only with a slight inflation increase - $2.00.

So with each of us with $2.00 in our palms we headed to Safeway to see what we could bring home. Unfortunately for all of us I haven't had time to do the coupon thing for a while so we were all just looking for sale prices and mark downs. For dinner we ended up serving: chocolate milk (Chloe), pringles, zebra cakes, and Sobe drink (Alex and Tyler pooled their money), 2 boxes of mac n' cheese (Cooper), Lunchable and one fruit leather (Nate), pork steak and yogurt (Mommy), canned Mandarin oranges and butterscotch pudding (Alysee), and cinnamon raisin English muffins (Birch).
It was a random meal but quite tasty. We all had a great time and everyone looks forward to next year!


laura said...

I loved that FHE too, though I don't remember it completely replacing dinner. Sounds like quite the meal for you all. Was everyone full?

emily a. said...

I think it was all of our favorites. We're definitely going to have to start this in our family too.