Tuesday, May 17, 2011

His and Her Weekend

The thunder and rain arrived so the boys decided it was time to go camping. From what I hear it was a super fun night of running around like loose chickens with friends, an inspirational fireside, tasty s'mores, sleeping part of the night in the mini-van after the lighting started picking up, and lots of soccer for Nate.Nate plays soccer every day at school and from what I hear is quite talented. He was in heaven playing for hours Saturday morning.
Coop was the free-chicken...just running around with new friends and not a care in the world.

While the boys were away...
Us girls headed to Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner. Then Chloe spent the evening with some of her very favorite people -- Mama Turner and her girls. When Alysee and I picked her up at 10:30 pm she was wired with candy, hot pink toe nails, watching Tangled and loving all the attention. She didn't want to home home!!!

Alysee and I spent the night at The Parson Dance Company and East Village Opera Company performance of "Remember Me." It was a totally awesome performance -- the topic was a little mature for Alysee but that was okay as the dancing and opera was amazing!

We all had a great night each doing our own special thing!


laura said...

Ah dancing. I have to get my fill by sneaking in episodes of Dirty dancing Havana Nights and Step Up.

emily a. said...

That was awesome.