Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stayin' Alive...Turning Five

After 364 days of waiting and waiting, Cooper finally celebrated his fifth birthday! The whole day was so exciting for him. Breakfast was m&m french toast made by daddy. For lunch I took Coop to Sonic to get his free birthday meal and then we headed to Toys R Us to use his $3.00 Geoffery Bucks. He was delighted to purchase ANOTHER Tech Deck. Cooper had really, really, really been wanting his own Paper Jam guitar. Birch and I decided to surprise Coop by allowing him pick out his own style and to our delight the amp was free that week with the purchase of the guitar.

Then it was off to preschool with his birthday treat of Super Hero popsicles to share with all his friends. It was a pretty sweet day.

For dinner Coop's favorite friend William Cobia came over with his siblings. Tyler needed to make a fire and cook dinner to pass off a cub scout requirement so it turned out to be a super fun "cookout" in the garden.
Nate lovin' his s'more.Chloe and her best friend Emmiline.
Coop chowing his corn.

After dinner Coop treated us all to a little Paper Jam concert.
Rock Star Coop!

This kid is so ready for kindergarten. He is super smart (Wild Kratts - pbs show sure teaches a lot of crazy animal facts). He loves to draw and has a great imagination. Coop has a sweet tooth and sadly has been a much pickier eater the last couple of years. Coop loves to play outside and doing just about anything that includes his daddy. Coop is always ready to play with friends or watch a movie if no one is around.

Love this kid!!


laura said...

Cooper you are so good at learning and remembering facts. And you are the best family entertainer! We miss seeing the dances you put on for Isla! Glad your birthday rocked!

emily a. said...

I always look forward to Coop coming over because he always says something crazy. Happy Birthday Pooker.

Kate the Great said...

I'm curious and out of the loop, what's a paper jam. It looks like something my kid would love b/c they've been begging for an electric guitar (apparently their accoustic isn't cool enough anymore).