Friday, June 3, 2011

Humpty Dumpty

Today started like any other day. I was enjoying my long hot shower when I started to hear screaming; like shrills. I hopped out of the shower, wrapped up in a towel, and opened my bathroom door to be confronted with several children wailing. Alysee was going nuts, saying something about Coop and blood.

Seconds later I see Coop come around the corner into my bedroom with blood dripping from his head all over the side of his face. I told the kids to go grab a rag and then I had Coop come sit on my toilet while I quickly got dressed. The kids were all going nuts!

The story of the assault goes something like Nate and Coop were chasing each other around downstairs playing tag. Coop started running upstairs to escape and took the corner too close and rammed his head into the banister.

Tyler was being super brave and holding the rag to Coop's head. I quickly called our podiatrist friend and asked if we might be able to stop by his office for possible stitches. In the past (after learning our lesson with an expensive trip to the ER) I have gone to being Dr. Ditto and just super glued the laceration together ourselves. This time the cut was much more hairy and fleshy looking so I didn't feel so confident with the whole gluing thing.

I was instructing the kids to leave for school in twenty minutes because I was going to go take Coop and Chloe and leave for the doctor's office. Then I noticed that Tyler was throwing up over the toilet, Alysee was wailing in despair, and Nate was hiding because he felt so bad. I called our neighbors instead and asked if they could come over and get the kids off to school.

By the time we reached the doctor's office Coop had calmed down and was a champ as our friend injected his head with the numbing medicine and proceeded to do three stitches. He really liked the little toys that the nurses gave him.

What a way to start the day! By 9 am we were home and ready for playgroup and the rest of the day's activities. Coop was sure one brave kid!Coop showing off his injury.


emily a. said...

He'll appreciate the scar wounds in the future when he can make up heroic tales for his girlfriends.

laura said...

Gosh what a way to start the day! Way to keep your cool. Poor Tyler, I hope he doesn't plan on going into medicine. And I sure hope Nate knows he didn't do anything wrong. What a terrible feeling for him. Coop is a champ!