Thursday, June 23, 2011

I see your crack

A couple of Saturday's ago Birch took Alex and Tyler, with our climbing friends, to go "crack" climbing.
Crack climbing is the technique and process of ascending various sized cracks or fissures that split rock faces. Progress is made my jamming or wedging a climber’s fingers, hands, arms, feet, and legs into the crack, depending on its width.
Alex and Tyler decided that crack climbing isn't for them but Birch loved it! If the weather had been a little warmer it might have been a better experience for the boys. I pretty sure that jamming my hand into a dark tight space might make me a little nervous -- like spiders, snakes, and lizards might be sharing my tight space.

The Royal Columns Alex attempting his crack climb
Not so sure about this. Can you see Birch on the right hand side of the picture like a spider on the columns?
Loves being outdoors! On his way up


emily a. said...

Crazy man.

laura said...

Birch I will join you any day!