Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm Big Now

Now that Chloe turned three year's old she repeatedly reminds us that, "I'm big now" so I can....

-wipe my own bum
-sleep in a big bed
-fill up my own water bottle
-talk snotty
-eat even more candy
-skip naps
-lay down in the bath tub
-wear my new Dora jammies all day long
-eat a whole piece of gum instead of a half
-brush my own hair

But have you seen a cuter three year old?
By request we had cheese pizza, pink juice, strawberries and grapes and then watched Cinderella.
Just about the cutest three minute cupcake I have ever made (not that I have made many over the years).

Her brothers sure love her!
Chloe with her loot - her favorite present I think would be her Dora jammies and...
new big girl bed! We took the crib down after having it up in our home for the past 13 years. Hard to believe we are done with diapers, cribs, and infant car seats! It actually feels mighty nice!

Chloe is such a sweet girl. She can talk your ear off and is a smart little turkey. She loves having her friends over to play and is quite talented at getting into her big sister's treasures. Alysee loves Chloe to pieces and has forgiven Chloe more times than I can count for sneaking her candy, losing her ipod shuffle (still hoping to find it), breaking her tea set, and drawing on her creations. Chloe loves to go on the swing, take baths, wear anything pink, dance with tutus, and eat strawberries from the garden.

We love this girl!!!


kg said...

So sweet :) Congrats on being done with cribs, diapers, etc. What car seat is she in now? When do they go to a booster? I'm wondering about Grace?

emily a. said...

I didn't get to see her new shoes- they look cute. We LOVE this 3 year too!

Matt said...

She is such a happy little kid!

laura said...

What a cutie pie! Can't wait to see this big girl next week.