Monday, July 25, 2011

Lots of Ditto Lovin'

A family that plays together stays together -- this must be the Ditto motto because we sure have a lot of fun together. We had the most wonderful extended family Ditto reunion! I think there were 76 of us in attendance--which is no small accomplishment when everyone is spread out. We joined together at Bear Paw Camp in Newport, WA which twice now has proven to be a great spot for a family reunion.
The kids had a blast together and Alex and Tyler really enjoyed getting to know some second cousins that were close to their age.
Saturday morning the sister-in-laws planned a morning of crafts. The kids had fun making these water bottle rockets--unfortunately, they weren't as cool as the directions said and only blast off a whole three feet. Oh well, Nate and cousin Malia had fun anyways.
Tyler had a great time playing tennis with his second cousins.

The swimming pool was the center of most of the action. It didn't matter the age--everyone was having a ball.

Coop had no fear with his life jacket on -- he was a fish!
Check out all these cousin boys -- we seriously had no idea where they all were most of the time. Thankfully they never got into trouble (at least that I know of) or got hurt. They loved their independence!
The adults just a cool as their kids!
Alysee could be found wherever all the other little girls were hanging out -- these girls are glued at the hips.
Aunti Blayre and Chloe had a nice little canoe ride.
The good lookin' daddy with Chloe and Coop.
The couple we honor!! Grandpa had a stroke about two years ago and Grandma has been such a sweet caregiver. It was such a treat being around both of them.
The kids and G&G Ditto
Saturday evening was the highlight of the reunion-- it started with the most delicious luau dinner and then we split up to learn some Hawaiian dances and have a sing-a-long.

The boys doing their scary Maui dance.
The whole Hawaiian night just made me happy -- I loved the food, the Hawaiian music, the dancing, and pigeon talk--everything. If only I could transport myself their once a month and then have my darn plumeria tree actually bring forth some blossoms I would have a smile every day on my face.

Family is Eternal and Fun!!!