Thursday, July 7, 2011


Somehow the stars aligned and my family was able to throw together a family reunion in a couple of weeks AND almost everyone was able to attend (minus Laura's husband, Jared). That is a huge feat! Our family is just on the verge of becoming international for the next several years. My parents are leaving in October for F-I-J-I for eighteen months to serve a mission for our church. Can you imagine??!!! We are just so excited for them. But wait, that is not all -- Seth, Caroline, three year old Tommy, and soon to be two month old Callie are pulling up their American roots and moving them to Z-A-M-B-I-A -- yes, Africa. I'm super proud of Seth for being such a smartie...but dang do they have to move so far away! We are going to miss my parents and the Seth Sherry Jr. family SO MUCH!!!

We didn't have too many days together but we packed each day full of fun events mostly around Corvallis.
First stop was the Farmer's Market in downtown Corvallis. Somehow all sorts of cool things have erupted since I moved away, this being one of them. The kids had a great time playing in the water feature. Alysee was wishing she had worn her swim suit.
Poppi was relentless with making sure each grandchild had at least one head dunk in the water. Tyler couldn't have loved it more!
We're lucky Chloe allowed us to keep her undies on.
My parents have a big hill in their backyard -- first the hill was used for taking down all sorts of fun
it turned into a massive slip n' slide (10 feet by 100 feet). This is my Arabian brother, Luke -- who apparently has some kind of a shaving disorder -- if I lived closer I would slip a sleeping pill in his bedtime drink and shave him all up.
Triple the fun -- Daddy, Coop and Nate hit the slope together.
This was the highlight for many that weekend.
Check out all those cute cousins -- they all loved being on top of the jacuzzi and...
inside. Aunti Emi was super brave to get in with all those little bums.
Uncle Geoff, Birch, and the boys had a fun basketball game.

That night Matt's and Seth's families cooked up the most delicious street tacos. Oh my, the homemade beans were so yummy and the meat was out of this world!!! Tyler was so kind to donate his school project -- an orange paper mache pig so we could end the night with a pinata.
The kids all got a turn before Alex crushed it! This was Chloe's first time getting to hit a pinata.
Nate is always serious with his athletic competition -- this was no exception.This is my Amish (oops, I mean Arabian) brother Luke. The kids all go nuts around him and I think Luke just might love the roll of "favorite uncle."
My dad built this fun go-cart that the kids had some wild and crazy rides down the grass hill in my parent's backyard.
One of the things my kids love most about Poppi are his "Yarns." Somehow Poppi manages to weave these amazing tales; they are so motivating that the kids are quick to get in bed so they don't miss any of the story.
Before everyone left we had a bit of organized mayhem and took a group picture and picture of the grandkids. We all thought it would be fun to compare the pictures when my parents get back from their mission in eighteen months from October.
So stylish these boys! Leah designed the t-shirts.
Sunday morning was really special because Seth and Caroline were blessing their baby Caroline Jr. (aka Callie). What a good looking family!
We have a tradition that started when Alysee was born so get all the girls and their mommies a silver c-band bracelet to unite us in "sista'hood girl power." This picture is extra special because we had just given my mom a bracelet representing the love and sisterness that we feel with our momma. We wanted her to have a visual reminder of us while she is far across the ocean in Fiji.
Alex loves a good snuggle with a new baby -- Callie was in heaven being snuggled up to her oldest cousin.
In fact we all couldn't get enough of our sweet new niece--isn't she so adorable in our antique family blessing dress. Love this picture of her sweet little tootsies.
The Fourth of July started out with a pancake breakfast at the church. Movie star, Chloe loved her tasty muffin and pancake.Handsome Tyler.
Alysee and cousin Isaac had a blast together.
My mom and dad had collected several trikes and this little car for all the kids to have something to ride around on during the kid's parade.Next is was off to the Oregon Coast. We were prepared for windy cold weather but it actually turned out to be a pretty nice day. This picture of Birch, Alex, and Poppi was taken just after they all joined the famous Pioneer Club -- that ocean water never warms up!
Coop loved chasing the seagulls.
My dad's poor what I think of when I see these pictures. My dad found this huge sea plant and made this game up where he swung the plant around his head while the kids jumped over it. (please check out Nate on the far right-hand side of the picture--we're still hoping this boy is fertile)
Here's Nate and Isaac with friend Seth Wiggins having a go at ring-around-the-sea-plant.
These girls were sticky and happy all afternoon as they dug in the sand, ate lollipops, and looked for sand creatures.
Nate and Isaac were like two crazy peas-in-a-pod all weekend.
After such a long day we all opted to do our own little fireworks show. Since fireworks are illegal in our town our kids have had very little exposure around them.
Even sparklers were a first time experience for our kids -- Alysee thought they were so cool.
Driving home we stopped at the Bonneville Dam--one of Birch's bucket list items. It was pretty amazing!

Sure love my family!!!! Love that we range from vegetarian to carnivore; hairless to grizzly bear; six kids to one kid; sixty something to twenty something; curly hair to stick straight--BUT we all have something in common OUR LOVE FOR THE SHERRY FAMILY, GOD, AND PRETTY AWESOME SPOUSES!!!


Matt said...

Great post...what a fun trip it was! As a side note, although we had to leave a day early, I'm pretty sure that Seth Webb wasn't there and perhaps Seth Wiggins was. :)

Kate the Great said...

Okay, your post makes me want to become a Sherry. LOL, Glad you guys had so much fun. I know your parents were really happy to have everyone there.

emily a. said...

That was the best weekend. That picture of Nate at the beach when dad was flying that thing around is hilarious. Poor kid. Hope he's fertile too.