Friday, July 22, 2011

Yikes!!!! A Teenager

Am I really old enough to be a parent to a teenager? Somehow Alex is now almost as tall as me, eats like a man, and has entered the world of THIRTEEN!! Alex was SO SO excited for this birthday. I'm not sure how he was thinking it was going to change his life but it was certainly a milestone in his mind. Coop commented, "I sure hope Alex is nicer when he is a teenager." We all laughed because really Alex is a great brother, son, and friend.
I have a feeling Alex was intently blowing and wishing for a cell phone. BUMMER!!! He did get a really cool camera that he is loving!!!! His other really exciting gift was an early gift. Alex and Birch got to go to a Braves vs. Mariners baseball game in Seattle the end of June. The Braves are Alex's favorite team. Birch acted like he was taking Alex to golf lessons but really he had hidden away the tickets and was all prepared for a late night out at the game. Alex was SO EXCITED!!! Just prior to Alex's birthday he got to go to scout camp at Camp Fife. He had a great time and earned his swimming merit badge and four others as well. Alex and a few of his favorite homies. The whole gang -- Birch was able to go up for one day and the night. It's so nice to have a daddy that understands the scouting program and is such an advocate.
Alex is really is a great kid. He is a good example to his siblings, smartie pants, touches something with a ball and is a pro, kind to others, desires to be Christlike, likes to drink lots of milk and eat Chinese food, loves to sleep in, a great babysitter, and wonderful son. I'm so thankful that Alex is part of our family!

Love this kid!!!


Matt said...

He is a great kid! Happy birthday boy!

emily a. said...

We love you Alex!