Monday, August 8, 2011

Aloha Ami and Poppi!

As mentioned earlier Ami and Poppi (my parents) are leaving for an eighteen month mission for our church early October to the Suava, Fiji mission. We are going to miss them like crazy but at the same time we are so excited for this next adventure in their lives. Birch and I are hoping the stars align and somehow we are able to make it over for a little visit.

My parent's just came up to stay with the kids while Birch and I went away to St. Louis for a week. The night they arrived we greeted them with a luau (inspired by our Ditto family reunion).
Our dinner was DELICIOUS!!! We had homemade kalua pork, sticky rice, fruit salad, homemade sweet braided challah bread, stir fry sugar pods, and Mango-Peach juice. Emily made a really tasty pina colada cake to top off dinner.
The Challah bread was a real hit. It was my first time making it but it certainly will not be the last.
Nate was such a handsome Hawaiian boy!

After dinner the kids all presented Ami and Poppi with a homemade candy lei and flower lei. They each shared something that they love about Ami and Poppi. It was pretty special!

Coop --hum, not sure why we don't have a picture of him--he was probably eating the lei.

Mila and Sage

Then I threw together this quick video of all of us doing our Hawaiian dances at the Ditto Reunion in honor of Ami and Poppi. It was a neat evening filled with the Aloha spirit!!

If you are unable to view the video you can use the following link:

I feel so blessed to have been born to such godly and goodly parents! I just know that they are going to be able to be of such wonderful service to the people of Fiji.

Love you Forever!!!

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kg said...

How fun! Your parents will be great missionaries!