Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birthday candles, Sweat, and Water

August brought Birch and me one step closer to reaching our over-the-hill mark. It's strange to me that I now remember when my parents were turning these same years. In fact, Birch is celebrating his twentieth high school graduation this year. I totally remember going with my dad on a road trip to Spokane to celebrate his twentieth high school reunion. I thought it was so cool hearing about my dad from all his high school buddies.
Anyway, Birch turned 38 years old. The actual birthday was nothing to shout about -- it entailed going to work, running to the DMV to renew our licenses over lunch time, back to work, coming home for a quick dinner, and then heading to the church for Bishopric responsibilities. Yee Haw!!! Birch was super excited about his gift from my parents and me -- a Jet Boil camping stove.
Perhaps to prove his old age isn't slowing him down, Birch signed up to do a triathlon with two of his brothers in Coeur d'Alene. The brothers all wrote to each other regularly about their training or lack of training prior to the race. I think it is safe to say that although these boys have all "grown" up their are still quite competitive against each other.
Birch borrowed a really groovy red tank top wet suit for the one mile swim. He was pretty worried about the swimming portion of the race.
Of course, he ended up doing just fine.
While the boys were off doing the race, the kids and moms were playing at the park, taking trips to the porta-potty, and eating these yummy treats. Birch had put together these cute little bags for each of the cheerleaders. The food was a lifesaver since we had to wake up all the kids at 6:30 am to make it to the race on time. The donuts, candy, and satsumas were a perfect breakfast.
After the one mile swim portion Birch jumped on his bike for the twenty-four mile grueling "widow-maker" ride. Apparently the name was quite appropriate for the ride. We were lucky to get all these great pictures because Kelly (the fabulous photographer/cinematographer brother) chased the boys down on each portion of the race. This picture is extra cool because Kelly didn't realize at the time that Brent, Birch's brother, was directly behind Birch.
The last leg of the race was a six mile run. Normally running is one of Birch's strengths, but about two years ago Birch hurt his knee playing ultimate frisbee at the Oregon Coast. He babied his knee for a year and was finally was able to run without pain. But about a month before the triathlon Birch hurt his knee again playing basketball. By the time of the race he was only able to run about a mile and half without having to walk due to pain in his knee. I wish I had a picture of Birch running up to me at the end of the race and tearfully telling me that his knee didn't hurt one bit during the race. He truly feels that it was a miracle. It was such a wonderful reminder that the Lord hears our prayers even for things that are not eternally important.
Fan Club!
The tired but very happy brothers!
Not that it matters who finished first...(who am I kidding). The eldest brother wins again! Really all their times were super close.
Very proud wife.
I celebrated my birthday with a drive to Spokane for the race, several hours at my favorite store "Spokane Discount" (think all of Costco's stuff marked down 93%), and having a delicious dinner with my extended Ditto family. Birch surprised me with this beautiful pearl necklace. I love it!!
We stayed at Brent and Deena's house while we were in Spokane. They just built a beautiful home so we were lucky to be some of their first guests. The kids all played together like a dream so us adults enjoyed just hanging out together. Birch and I did a little family photoshoot one afternoon. We were also able to attend Addison's baptism and Maren's baby blessing.
On our way home from Spokane we took a pit stop at the Moses Lake Waterpark. We all had such a good time. Alysee was brave and tried going down the big water slide.
Chloe, Coopy, and Nate had a ball on all the little slides and being alligators in the water. We rarely ever saw Alex and Tyler. They were off conquering the whole water park. What a great way to break up our trip home!


Leah said...

Happy birthday you two. Birch, you rock a red jumpsuit like no one I have ever seen before. Sara, the thirties look good on you.

Matt said...

Happy birthday! Great job birch. A full triathalon is nothing to make fun of, so I will just say congratulations and please wear the red superhero outfit more often!

emily a. said...

Wow Birch, Who did you borrow that suit from? I'm just glad that one picture was taken from behind the mesh.

I'm super proud of you Birch.

Happy Birthday to you 2.