Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sweet Fairy Sisters

As I mentioned earlier, I LOVE shopping at Spokane Discount whenever we go to Spokane. This store is a real dump on the outside and not much of an upgrade on the inside. But in its' walls lies treasures that I can never seem to get enough of. This store gets all of Costco's last year's items -- everything from clothing, furniture, electronics, and food. They have the best deals if you hit them at just the right time.
These two little ladies look so sweet in their new peasant dresses ($4/dress -- yes, I must brag). Unfortunately, the neck is a little low and wide on Alysee's dress (mom, what am I going to do without you being my seamstress when you are gone on your mission?).
These girls love each other to the brim!
Alysee is SO patient with Chloe. Chloe (and her friends) have lost Alysee's ipod, eaten all her "hidden" candy, broken several tea set pieces, written on her treasured papers, and made a regular mess of their room to clean. Alysee is quick to forgive and make Chloe feel special. They are lucky to have each other. I relish my relationships with my sisters and I'm so glad my girls will have each other forever.


Leah said...

Such cute sissies!

MaryJane said...

I love these girls...and they aren't even mine!

emily a. said...

So cute. Yes, Chloe and her 'friends' are little trouble makers.