Friday, August 19, 2011

You can do it!

He finally did it! We all knew Coopy could ride a bike without training wheels if he would just give it a try. Months ago Alex taught Coopy but he fell so for months his bike sat un-ridden due to fear. A couple of Saturdays ago Birch pulled out all the tricks and offered to take all the kids out for "Donuts with Dad" if Coop was just give it a try.

Not long after we had this...
Coopy is like a speedy demon now. He goes off jumps, stands up while riding, and turns sharp turns.
Way to go Coop!

Here's a little video for your enjoyment.

If you can't view it here click on:


Leah said...

Hooray for Coopy! Lucy started riding a couple months ago too sans training wheels. She rides with a super straight back and so I think she looks like the witch on the Wizard of Oz in the beginning. Have you seen that movie Coop?

emily a. said...

When I saw Cooper riding his bike I didn't realize he had just learned. Way to go Coop!

kg said...

It's been fun to catch up on your blog Sara! Loving your Costco finds :)