Saturday, September 17, 2011

Futbol--the aggresive Natedog

For years I have been able to run and hide when one of our kids gets asked to play on a soccer team. We work really hard at trying to just have one or two kids doing a sport each season so I'm not going crazy and so we can all support each other at the games. Last fall I succumbed to letting Nate join the Wanderers U8 soccer team. All summer he was looking forward to soccer starting. He was really excited because Mark Cox was going to be his coach. When Mark passed away three months ago Nate was sad that Mark wasn't going to be able to coach him and also worried about whether he would still get the opportunity to play. Uncle Lance (Mark's brother-in-law) stepped up and took a semester off of his master's program to move here and coach the boys' soccer team.
Lance has been an awesome coach. I really appreciate that he doesn't yell at the boys but still is able to teach them.
I don't know much about soccer but doesn't this kid look awesome?!
This kid is aggressive!
Okay, you got to check out this face!
"What's up?" Coop is a great cheerleader throughout all of Nate's games.
I mean, where did this kid come from?
Again, check out the face -- this kid is serious!
I'm scared.
Nate and his good buddy Chase were giving a high five at another win!

I have to say that I'm glad I finally broke down and let Nate play. It really is fun watching him each week. Wish you could all be there!


emily a. said...

I'm excited to watch him play. He does look awesome out there.

Leah said...

Oh man. Wish I could be there. He does look awesome! And I like his jersey too.

Matt said...

What a little stud!