Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good Food and Cold Water - ABH 2011

I appreciate the opportunity of being a guest contributor on Sara's blog. As her husband, I enjoy reading the on-going chronicles of our family on this blog, but rarely have I been in the driver's (or typer's) seat.

So it is with great pleasure that I share with our vast readership a summary of the 11th annual ABH. The great tradition of the All Brothers Hike has taken my brothers and me throughout the western United States on many memorable adventures. This year's trip to Ross Lake was a first because instead of hiking 30 or so miles, we canoed. Ross Lake has no roads going to it (unless you count the 43-mile gravel road coming out of Canada), so we drove to Dablo Lake and put in our canoes.

Here was are on the dock at Diablo Lake. The awesome water color is due to the glacial flour runoff from the mountain glaciers above the lake.

As we neared the end of Diablo Lake the canyon walls became quite steep and the lake narrowed

We were fortunate to have perfect weather, and most of our paddling was over smooth water.

At the end of Diablo Lake there is a nice little dock. On the dock is a phone used to call a small resort with a shuttle service to portage canoes up and over the dam to Ross Lake.

No ABH adventure is complete without some sort of Frisbee competition. On our first day we logged about 15 miles of paddling .

Instead of our usual lightweight, minimalist eating style, this year we had five coolers full of great food and drink. On our first night we ate hamburgers, chips and pop, with Hostess pies for dessert. That's a great way to end a day of paddling!

On the second day we hiked five miles and almost 5,000 feet up to Desolation Peak. We had sweet views of Ross Lake below...

and a spectacular view of Hozomeen Peak to the north.

My brothers and I love to find cliffs and rocks to jump from. This one was especially exhilarating.

We explored two canyons with creeks feeding Ross Lake. Lush green with steep walls...pretty sweet.

This was the location of our camp the second night. Lots of mosquitoes and lots of good times!

The trip was a great success. My brothers and I always have a great time together, and we love carrying on this tradition. So thanks for indulging me with this post. And thanks to Sara for supporting me in this much-anticipated annual event.


emily a. said...

That trip looked amazing. Loved all the pictures.

Leah said...

GORGEOUS!!! Wow, I'd like to go there and have a hostess pie for sure.

Matt said...

You think letting you marry my sister would get me an invitation to this thing.