Monday, October 3, 2011

36 years of waiting

I've waited 36 years to do what our family did yesterday. We watched General Conference from our very own home, laying on my very own couch (I'm the OSU blanket blob that Chloe is laying on top of), while eating monkey bread and snuggling with my hunny.

While hovering around our computer Saturday I vowed to try and find some way to watch conference from home in a comfy manner. I found out about Roku -- a small three inch box that runs about $79 and streams live video into your home. BYUtv is one of the free channels that we now get with this sweet little device. Amazing!!!

My favorite talk was by Ian Arden who spoke directly to ME about how I am using my time. I've been feeling overwhelmed lately with all the projects, children, serving the community and church, etc... It's time for me to scale down and remember that there is a time and season for all things.

In case you missed it:


kg said...

Wow, you've taken all the kids to the church all these years!!?? Yay for Roku!

Leah said...

Loved that talk!

Matt said...

Yes....Roku is awesome! Now try Apple TV.

Sierra Parke said...

Emily was telling us all about Roku...we definitely have to look into it! btw, I loved your commment on our blog. Hopefully it was relaxing for her. Emily has said so many sweet things about you and your family that I already feel like I know you all so well! When we head to Emily's place for our next "girls weekend", hopefully we'll get to visit with you and your gang too. Love your blog!