Sunday, October 2, 2011

AGW - a weekend for ME

The Ditto Girls are a little behind in the get-a-way action that their husbands have enjoyed for the past eleven years. AGW (All-Girls-Weekend) celebrated it's third anniversary this year. Deena was the host and treated us royally with wonderful activities planned and lots of tasty food. Deena just moved into their newly built home in April and had everything set up so nice for each of us--she was the perfect hostess.

I started the trip with another expedition to Spokane Discount and WINCO. I scored big at both stops. I enjoyed leisurely wandering around both stores without a time frame or a child begging for a treat. I found some great treasures at Spokane Discount -- a Nativity set, a huge car cover thing that I am putting over our large octagon picnic table, several clothing items, athletic shoes for me (the kids kept asking me the other day if I was wearing Birch's running shoes--my new ones are white and hot pink), serpa boots for the girls, and a few food items.

As I share some of the pictures we took you have to keep in mind that we are making fun (with a good dose of love) of our husband's ABH pictures.

What a great group of Sista's! Next year I'm hoping that we are a complete group of sistas' with Tavia and my new sister-in-law joining in on the fun.
Oh yeah!

Friday went spent the day being pampered, shopping, and cooking.

Welcome to The Highlands Day Spa

There is this great spa in Post Falls, ID that we have gone to in the past. In the basement of this beautiful facility they have a massage school. We got a killer deal ($20/hour massage)! How does an hour fly by so fast when you are in bliss?

Friday night we went to this sweet woman's Italian villa and she did a four hour Italian cooking class for us. You wouldn't even believe the amount of food that we ate that night. We even made homemade tortellinis.

The calazones were amazing!

Jammsfrozenyogurt051 300x170 Jamms Frozen Yogurt Sign

Saturday morning I slept in and then stayed in bed until I finished my book. Then we got ready for the day and headed to Coeur d'alene. We stopped at this delicious frozen yogurt shop.Saturday evening we made some super cute crafts. I wasn't going to join in on the fun but in the end I couldn't resist.
They are kind of addicting to make.
We worked on these cute family pillow covers.
Saturday night we went to the Relief Society broadcast. Then we went to the Coeur d'Alene resort for dessert. Debbie and I enjoyed a plate of fries instead.
What a fun night! I kept thinking how fun it would be to bring Birch here for the night.
Love these ladies!!! What a wonderful tradition and I'm so thankful that everyone made the effort to get together. Can't wait until next year!


emily a. said...

Sounded heavenly to me! I had to laugh that obviously all of the pictures were taken on one day. Good thing you had on a cute outfit.

Julia said...

Ditto to your whole post. Do we really have to wait a year to do it again????

kg said...

What a fun weekend. I love the felt flowers! I need to call you soon friend.

Leah said...

Looks like a fabulous time. The felt flowers are cute, teach me. And how does your hair grow so fast? It took me nearly a year to get it your length now from being short.

Ditto Family said...

Thanks for the loving mockery of our irresistible posing for pictures!


b said...

Sara- where is your "other" picture you took outside while at Dockside?? I was really looking forward to seeing that on the blog.