Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Beavs and a Birthday

Tyler turned the big ELEVEN this past weekend. We went totally crazy and turned an ice cream sandwich on its side and put in two candles representing "11." Tyler chose great meals for his special day -- breakfast was omelets and smoothies, lunch was Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas (thank you Pizza Hut for the free pizzas for reading at school), dinner was homemade stromboli.
Tyler's birthday was extra fun because everyone had a day off of school and even dad had the day off of work. Tyler requested that we go to the skate park for the afternoon. We had our lunch there and all the kids had fun playing.
Tyler got new trucks for his skateboard so he was really excited to try them out. He thought they were awesome!
Saturday was Tyler's actual birthday and it started out with a BANG! Birch and Tyler left the house at 5 am and headed to Corvallis, OR for the OSU vs. BYU football game.
Before the game there were all sorts of fun activities put on by the athletic department. Tyler was amazing with all the shots he made.
Tyler said this was the first time he had been alone with a parent since his trip to SLC when he turned eight. He LOVED every minute with his daddy.

Birch and Tyler had AWESOME seats (Thanks to Birch's friend who gave him the tickets). They were in section 13, row 6 -- right across from the 50 yard line.
Even though the Beavs lost in the end it was still a super fun game.

Birch and Tyler got home late Saturday night (they did the whole trip in one day--yikes). Tyler got a new ipod for his birthday since he recently lost his (or got it stolen). Funny thing is--yesterday Alysee found his old ipod. Tyler is a great kid. He is in fifth grade at the middle school this year and had made the transition quite smoothly. His favorite subjects are art, band, humanities, and math (sounds like all his classes). Tyler is a caring person with a happy, carefree personality. We LOVE our Tyler!!!


Mama Nirvana said...

What?!! I can't believe Tyler is 11. Where did the time go?

Leah said...

TJ, happy birthday!! What an awesome weekend you had. You look like you are freaking amazing on the skateboard. So sorry OSU had to loose, but you couldn't be too sad under the circumstances...

emily a. said...

Seriously cool moves Tyler. It'll be hard to beat a birthday like that!

Matt said...

What a great birthday weekend. Tyler looks incredible on his skateboard.