Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What's been going on at our house this month...

Cross Country Meets for Alex --This kid is on fire. He says he "doesn't love running but he is good at it." Alex surprised himself each meet with being able to beat his previous time. Not sure if he'll be back next year but this year was amazing! It was FREEZING at his last meet.
Enjoying the last of the warm days...
Alysee filled each warm fall day out catching praying mantis, playing with our friend's kitty, wishing she had a pet, and begging for a pet.

Dirt Biking for Tyler and Alex --
Right near where Nate plays soccer every Saturday there is a great dirt biking course. Tyler has had a great time going off of jumps and getting flat tires from all the goat heads.

Soccer and more soccer for Nate --
This kid is on fire too! Nate is amazing to watch and even made those chilly Saturday mornings worth it. He can't wait until next season.

Pumpkin Carving time--
I told the kids that they were on their own this year with cleaning out the guts. Everyone got on their brave faces and dug in. (please note Coop's cool hair du -- every day he surprises me with something new)

Candy and more candy for Chloe (oh yeah, and Halloween fun)--
Chloe, our candy-fen, loved every minute of Halloween. She exclaimed to Birch, "I just LOVE this day" as she truck or treated to each car.
Halloween 2011: Tyler - skateboarding gangster dude, Nate - ninja guy, Coop - rock star, Chloe -- fairy, Alysee -- Little Bow Peep, Alex -- solemn teenager.
Halloween night we had a super spooky dinner. The kids each picked five items from the menu of: brain goolash (jello made in a brain mold), moldy spider web (salad), witches finger (bread sticks), Boogers (Parmesan cheese), Pooper Scooper (spoon), worms (spaghetti noodles), Eye Balls (meatballs), Fish Eyes (pomegranate), Blood (spaghetti sauce), Vampire Venom (milk), Pitch Fork (fork). I remember doing something like this when I was a kid and loving it -- our kids did too!

Cousin time --
Emily and Ryan went on their anniversary get-a-way ten months late and the girlies started at our house. They were champs and even slept in way past their usual morning wake up time. The cute dresses the girls are wearing all had personalized applique work that Emi did for each of them -- super cute!

Rock Climbing Trip for Daddy --
Birch and his friend headed to Sunshine Wall for a morning of climbing fun. Looks way to high for me!!! We've got a second rope now so we're planning for more family climbing fun when it warms up again.
For me: Lots of photoshoots (and hours of editing) with my hubby, organizing 104 hygiene kits to be made by wonderful women at church, read the "Last Lecture" and loved it, went on a long awaited date to see "Courageous" with my hubby and LOVED it (GO SEE IT), designed several holiday cards and posters for events, helped put on our elementary school jog-a-thon that raised over $11,400, and did a presentation on Organization at our church's Women's Conference filled my days. I will admit I filled my plate way too full this month. I'm trying to go on a diet (of activities) this month and focus more on my loved ones. Pass me the Slim Fast please!

A little re-cap of some Ditto entertainment too:

Click here if you can't see the movie: http://youtu.be/_Luti_3RN5U


Mama Nirvana said...

Wow, Sara! You really do do it all don't you?

Ditto Family said...

Like I said, WAY TOO MUCH in one month! I'll admit that I just might have had a little breakdown at the beginning of the month. Ironically, one of the main parts of my presentation about Organization was about personal time management. I totally need to work on that. I think that might be my next post.

Leah said...

So proud of all of you guys! Such great athletes, scholars, do-it-all-ers and candy eaters.

Coop, I like your hair. Tell your mom not to knock it.

Jealous of the cousin time!

kg said...

You made it Sara! Now enjoy some down time....miss you!

Matt said...

Great update....so much going on. Loved the video and that place Birch went climbing looks incredible!

emily a. said...

My favorite parts were the solemn teenager at halloween, Birch dancing, Tyler and Nate's routine and of course the little ladies in their matching dresses.