Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The BIG day

I tried really hard this year to not get too stressed about Christmas day. Having a large family I get real stressed before the BIG day making sure everything is equal between kids and something especially fun for each child. This year I felt a little more prepared and organized and didn't have to do any last minute hair pulling out.

We didn't let the kids get up until 7 am to do their stockings. The boys were all like wild boars at the bottom of the stairs being let loose for their first meal in months when we finally hollered out that it was 7 am. Santa didn't let anyone down this year. Chloe is absolutely IN LOVE with her pink princess umbrella that she so desperately wanted this year from Santa. She shows everyone who comes through our front door.

After stockings and Santa presents we got ready for church and enjoyed a really wonderful hour being reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. Then we came home and opened presents.
The kids opening a family gift from Uncle Matt and Aunti Jessica. They have had so much fun with this stomp rocket.
Chloe was the delight of the day -- she just LOVED every present!
Tyler was SUPER DUPER excited for the flip video recorder that he received (love Alex and Tyler have had so much fun this past year creating their own movies with friends.

The afternoon was spent having fun with new gifts, eating our traditional lunch of homemade pancakes, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, and sausages. We also loaded the car for Spokane and took down the Christmas tree. About 5 pm our house filled up again with several families that joined us for a delicious Christmas dinner.

By 7:30 pm we were on the road headed to Spokane while the kids nibbled on treats from their stockings and watched new movies. We had vowed to not travel on Christmas day this year but in the end we all decided that we didn't want to miss any of the Spokane fun since our time their was limited. We pulled in about 10:30 pm and everyone had renewed energy after seeing their cousins. It was a really memorable and wonderful day!

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Matt said...

So, let me get this went to church, opened presents, had a big lunch, played around, cleaned up Christmas, hosted a large dinner, cleaned up and then drove to Spokane....all with 6 kids? You guys are amazing!