Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Happenings

One of these days I am going to write down all of our family traditions. Gotta kick of December with decorating our Christmas tree. The kids all opened their new ornament for 2011.
Lots of Christmas programs for school
Alysee was asked to be the game show host for the kinder/First grade program. She is AWESOME!
Coop was a star too!
Tyler was finally (he earned it in October) awarded the "I did everything award" for Webeloes. He also had his first band concert and did awesome at playing his trumpet.
We also celebrated Mark Cox's birthday party this past week. It was a memorable night with a bounce house, pizza, watching the movie of his life, and the finale of letting off these beautiful wish lanterns.
It was freezing outside but honestly my heart warmed me up that I wasn't even phased by the cold.
Letting go...but loving strong!

Click on this link if you can't see the movie above. http://youtu.be/qj7BVtX2X10

What a wonderful time of year!

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