Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Snowy Day

In November we had our first snow fall and the kids all were sure this was going to be a BIG WINTER. Much to their dismay we had a green Christmas and they had just about given up hope. Last week the heavens opened and the snow came down.
I shoveled two days last week and realized just how little shoveling I have done in my life. My neck was way sore the next day and I was exhausted. I'm sure that it didn't help that our driveway is huge. Some days we have been shoveling three to four times a day.
Alysee got bundled up for school the other day and was enjoying a bit of the sunshine.
Okay, so I am sure hoping that this isn't something Nate does on a regular basis. I was uploading photos that Birch took and I wasn't too happy to see this.
Angel Nate
Obviously he is pretty proud of himself!

The kids have had lots of fun sledding but I think we are all ready for the sun to come out and the snow to melt away!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

15 Years toward Eternity

After a canceled anniversary trip due to the dreaded LARFING bug we finally got to enjoy a weekend in the Tri-cities KID-LESS! Thanks Emi and Ryan for watching the kids!

The evening started with going to the temple and doing sealings together. We do this every year around our anniversary -- it's such a wonderful reminder of promises we have made to each other and blessing we will receive if we are worthy.
Then we enjoyed a most tasty dinner at Olive Garden -- YUMMO!
Our hotel was quite lovely located on the Columbia River.

Saturday we enjoyed sleeping in and then a tasty brunch at Denny's. Next stop was the movie theatre. We really enjoyed the movie "We bought a zoo" -- though it had extra impact to us with the deaths that have hit close to home this year.

After we had fun doing a little shopping at the mall and even purchased two very handsome suits for Birch on a killer deal - $73/suit. He looks OH SO HANDSOME!
I'm not gonna lie -- it was hard to come home after a whole day and half of no dishes, no kids, no cleaning up and not having to share my hubby with anyone. What a lucky girl I am!