Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Beloved Office

For our anniversary I gave Birch this classy resin picture of the Portland temple that we were married in fifteen years ago (Uncle Brent made the frame for me -- isn't he amazing!). That night Birch started ripping down the wallpaper border and by the next evening we had a new office.


I'm in love with the pebble grey wall color that Birch and Uncle Ryan painted over our American folk colors.
LOVE the vinyl lettering that my friend did for us. I love this scripture!
We framed the beautiful Mark Mabry print to put above our piano. Birch's favorite corner is his ABH "TRADITON" wall. I bought enough frames for twenty-five years worth of ABH's. Think that will be enough??

Alex commented that you wouldn't want to do anything bad with all the Christ-centered decorations -- now that is just the way we want our office to be!!!


Jessica said...

Looks so good!

Julie said...

Alex comment was worth it all :)

kg said...

Love it Sara!

Matt said...

Yes, but with an iMac in it it would be out of this world awesome!

emily a. said...

I love the new office too.