Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Snowy Day

In November we had our first snow fall and the kids all were sure this was going to be a BIG WINTER. Much to their dismay we had a green Christmas and they had just about given up hope. Last week the heavens opened and the snow came down.
I shoveled two days last week and realized just how little shoveling I have done in my life. My neck was way sore the next day and I was exhausted. I'm sure that it didn't help that our driveway is huge. Some days we have been shoveling three to four times a day.
Alysee got bundled up for school the other day and was enjoying a bit of the sunshine.
Okay, so I am sure hoping that this isn't something Nate does on a regular basis. I was uploading photos that Birch took and I wasn't too happy to see this.
Angel Nate
Obviously he is pretty proud of himself!

The kids have had lots of fun sledding but I think we are all ready for the sun to come out and the snow to melt away!


Matt said...

You didn't do much shoveling in your life because you had an older brother....who then delegated it to Leah and Seth.

emily a. said...

We didn't shovel much because we lived in Corvallis. I hear ya on the shoveling. I'm glad our driveway is much smaller than yours.