Tuesday, February 21, 2012

True Sledding

All these years I thought that sledding meant walking up a hill and sliding down on your bum. Recently some friends took us up to a mountain air strip to experience TRUE SLEDDING! My kids are h.o.o.k.e.d.
Tyler LOVED the freedom of this powerful machine.
Chloe loved short fast rides and the rest of the time was happy playing in the snow and hanging out in the trailer.
Alysee and Birch cruised the snow covered airway like no ones business.
Alex was goo goo over EVERYTHING -- the speed, the independence, the helmet, the power...
When chilled we climbed into the heated trailer and warmed ourselves.
Chloe kept telling me to go faster when I took her out for a little ride.
Coop has always loved these racing helmets so even when he wasn't ridding on a snowmobile he could be seen wearing his cool helmet.
Alex went through withdrawals for the first few days following this expedition. Check out his jump!
We all enjoyed a hot dog roasted over the fire.
I liked pretending I was laying on lawn chair soaking up the warm Hawaiian sunshine.

Wanna see Alex and Tyler in all their glory? http://youtu.be/FJNH2sDt67M

Monday, February 6, 2012

Fly Me To The Moon

Today Birch crossed something off of his bucket list -- flying an airplane. This is something that he has always wanted to do! Last year for Christmas I gave him one flight lesson and then a few months later at a boy scout auction we bought another introductory flight lesson. I was really excited for him but also nervous. All year I've been telling myself that people fly little planes every day and live.

The flight instructor asked if I would like to come and be the backseat passenger. It took me about 15 minutes to decide if I was brave (or dumb) enough to come along. The instructor made sure that he let me know every safety precaution he was taking.
Top Gun shot

Giddy boy
Holy Cow!! He's actually flying!!!
...and LOVING it!!!
Little bit nervous but finally relaxed -- it was crazy how we could be flying 100 mph and feel like we were just floating.
Two peas in a pod -- Birch and flight instructor Matt
I was thankful that Birch didn't jump out the window when we started to see all the mountains.
Feelin' pretty awesome!
Think this will be us in like thirty years with our little old plane flying around to visit all the grand kids?

Wish you could have been with us?

Having trouble viewing? Click on http://youtu.be/1ZBSEEhaE0g

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Ball

This past weekend the girls got to go to The Ball with their Daddy. It was a fundraiser put on by the high school DECA club. Honestly, I am not sure that Alysee or Chloe have ever been more excited about something.
Our friend Chelsy Wilson came over and shared her amazing talent as a hair dresser.
Chloe was pretty good considering that she had to sit still for longer than thirty seconds.
I think my favorite part of the night was just seeing how special the girls felt as they had a night being beauty queens. Everything was magical from the bright nail polish to the makeup to the fun dresses to the hair dos.
Thanks Chelsy for not only sharing your talent but also making these girls feel beautiful!
We added some little flowers to Chloe's hair when we realized that her crown wasn't going to stay on too well.
The updos
FINALLY Daddy came home from work and coaching Tyler's basketball practice and Birch quickly changed into the outfit Alysee had picked out for him. Birch has worn that shirt the day before and ate dinner she declared that it was "adorable" and must be worn the following day. I made the girls each a corsage out of fabric and attached it to a hair band. They now double up as hair clips.
Watch out -- these girls have super long eye lashes and they better stay far away from the fellows so they don't get tangled up.
I thought Chloe was going to explode if The Ball didn't come a second sooner.
Alysee borrowed her dress from a friend and felt like the princess from Princess Diaries.
Everyone had a great time at the ball! Daddy loved playing carnival games, eating ice cream, and dancing with the girls.EXHAUSTED!!! It was 9:30 pm when the three-some drove home and they were pooped. You would have thought they would have fallen right in bed but Chloe (especially) was so wound up that it was 11 pm before she finally shut her eyes and stopped singing and jumping on Alysee.

What a special night!!! Chloe has told me about 50 times how she just "loved the ball!"

This is certainly going to be a tradition at our house! While the girls were away the boys and I played games and watched a boy movie. The boys are all counting down until the Father/Son campout.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From the H.E.A.R.T.

I love it when the kids create something from their heart to give as gifts. This year Alysee drew Chloe's name for Christmas. She was so excited to finally pick a gift out for a girl. We went to the Dollar Store together to look at ideas. Alysee had remembered this super cute purse that she was just positive Chloe would love. It was no where to be found. I suggested that we sew a purse for Chloe. Alysee was delighted with this idea!
For Alysee's last birthday my parents gave her a sewing box filled with treasures. Unfortunately her mom isn't so hot about sewing and so her box hasn't gotten much use. Alysee (with a little help from her momma and Aunti Emi) turned in a hot pink $1 place mat into the cutest little girl's purse decorated with ribbon and a homemade felt flower.
Chloe LOVES her new purse. It goes with her everyone; as does her new pink princess umbrella from Santa.

Isn't she dang cute even when doing the potty dance??!!!