Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Ball

This past weekend the girls got to go to The Ball with their Daddy. It was a fundraiser put on by the high school DECA club. Honestly, I am not sure that Alysee or Chloe have ever been more excited about something.
Our friend Chelsy Wilson came over and shared her amazing talent as a hair dresser.
Chloe was pretty good considering that she had to sit still for longer than thirty seconds.
I think my favorite part of the night was just seeing how special the girls felt as they had a night being beauty queens. Everything was magical from the bright nail polish to the makeup to the fun dresses to the hair dos.
Thanks Chelsy for not only sharing your talent but also making these girls feel beautiful!
We added some little flowers to Chloe's hair when we realized that her crown wasn't going to stay on too well.
The updos
FINALLY Daddy came home from work and coaching Tyler's basketball practice and Birch quickly changed into the outfit Alysee had picked out for him. Birch has worn that shirt the day before and ate dinner she declared that it was "adorable" and must be worn the following day. I made the girls each a corsage out of fabric and attached it to a hair band. They now double up as hair clips.
Watch out -- these girls have super long eye lashes and they better stay far away from the fellows so they don't get tangled up.
I thought Chloe was going to explode if The Ball didn't come a second sooner.
Alysee borrowed her dress from a friend and felt like the princess from Princess Diaries.
Everyone had a great time at the ball! Daddy loved playing carnival games, eating ice cream, and dancing with the girls.EXHAUSTED!!! It was 9:30 pm when the three-some drove home and they were pooped. You would have thought they would have fallen right in bed but Chloe (especially) was so wound up that it was 11 pm before she finally shut her eyes and stopped singing and jumping on Alysee.

What a special night!!! Chloe has told me about 50 times how she just "loved the ball!"

This is certainly going to be a tradition at our house! While the girls were away the boys and I played games and watched a boy movie. The boys are all counting down until the Father/Son campout.


Mama Nirvana said...

You are blessed to have two beautiful girls! What a special night!

Julie said...

The are darling and I love the last photo!

Matt said...

This is really much fun!

kg said...

What a FUN idea!! Such pretty princesses!

Julia said...

I love that you had a hairdresser come over and make it really special. What a fun night!

Sierra Parke said...

These are the cutest pictures Sara! You and Emily have the cutest girls. Was this the same ball that Sagey went to with Ryan? What a special activity for your girls to do with their daddy! You have such an adorable family! Hope you are all doing well.