Monday, February 6, 2012

Fly Me To The Moon

Today Birch crossed something off of his bucket list -- flying an airplane. This is something that he has always wanted to do! Last year for Christmas I gave him one flight lesson and then a few months later at a boy scout auction we bought another introductory flight lesson. I was really excited for him but also nervous. All year I've been telling myself that people fly little planes every day and live.

The flight instructor asked if I would like to come and be the backseat passenger. It took me about 15 minutes to decide if I was brave (or dumb) enough to come along. The instructor made sure that he let me know every safety precaution he was taking.
Top Gun shot

Giddy boy
Holy Cow!! He's actually flying!!!
...and LOVING it!!!
Little bit nervous but finally relaxed -- it was crazy how we could be flying 100 mph and feel like we were just floating.
Two peas in a pod -- Birch and flight instructor Matt
I was thankful that Birch didn't jump out the window when we started to see all the mountains.
Feelin' pretty awesome!
Think this will be us in like thirty years with our little old plane flying around to visit all the grand kids?

Wish you could have been with us?

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Matt said...

I had no idea Birch had such lofty goals. This is awesome....congratulations!

kg said...

Wow, fun for Birch and you were brave! I told Mark I wouldn't get in a plane if he ever did this.... :) Glad you're all safe :)

The Bailey's said...

That's awesome! My husband also aspires to learn to fly... Scares me to death. You're a brave woman Sara!