Tuesday, February 21, 2012

True Sledding

All these years I thought that sledding meant walking up a hill and sliding down on your bum. Recently some friends took us up to a mountain air strip to experience TRUE SLEDDING! My kids are h.o.o.k.e.d.
Tyler LOVED the freedom of this powerful machine.
Chloe loved short fast rides and the rest of the time was happy playing in the snow and hanging out in the trailer.
Alysee and Birch cruised the snow covered airway like no ones business.
Alex was goo goo over EVERYTHING -- the speed, the independence, the helmet, the power...
When chilled we climbed into the heated trailer and warmed ourselves.
Chloe kept telling me to go faster when I took her out for a little ride.
Coop has always loved these racing helmets so even when he wasn't ridding on a snowmobile he could be seen wearing his cool helmet.
Alex went through withdrawals for the first few days following this expedition. Check out his jump!
We all enjoyed a hot dog roasted over the fire.
I liked pretending I was laying on lawn chair soaking up the warm Hawaiian sunshine.

Wanna see Alex and Tyler in all their glory? http://youtu.be/FJNH2sDt67M


Matt said...

What an awesome event!

Leah said...

Totally jealous. This looks like SO MUCH fun!