Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nate the Great Turns Eight

What a special week we have had at our house! Nate celebrated his 8th birthday. He choose to take his "mental health" day (we give each child one mental health day a year where they get to choose to stay home from school). Nate really wanted to stay home because Birch had that day off and he planned a full day of fun with dad.
Nate and Birch made the cake together. It was a sprinkle cake with oreo cookie pudding on top -- it actually tasted pretty darn good. The top was a soccer ball made out of chocolate chips. Nate picked to go to Olive Garden for his birthday lunch and then we headed to Toys R' Us to use his $3 from Geoffery (the Toys R' Us giraffe birthday club). He brought along some of his own money too and ended up purchasing two Beyblades and a bath toy for Chloe. Pretty sweet brother, huh. That night Emi/Ryan and the girls joined us for cake.

Skip ahead one week to Saturday, March 24th...

The morning started out with an intense soccer game.
Some family from Spokane came just in time to watch the game and spend the day with us. Nate loved showing off his soccer skills to his family. At one point his soccer cleat flipped off his foot but that didn't slow him down one bit.
Then we scooted home from the game, had lunch, and then left for the church for Nate's baptism. Can you tell I am a proud mommy?
Nate was so excited to have Birch baptize him.
Chloe was so proud of her big brother.
Something that made Nate's baptism extra special was that he got to be baptized with his best friend, Chase Cox.

Two goofy boys after their baptism.
Such handsome boys
Our family (actually the following day)
One of Nate's favorite cousins surprised Nate and came to the baptism with other Spokane family. Nate was SO excited to have a cousin come -- wow, when you put these two boys together you have more energy then you can imagine.
We sure loved having Uncle Brent, Aunti Blayre and Uncle Ryan, Grannie, and Addison come from Spokane to help celebrate this special day with us. After the baptism we had fun just enjoying the nice weather and eating a delicious dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, bread, and salad.
Then when it got dark we kept on partying -- this time we were celebrating Grandpa Ken's 60th Birthday. Birch's dad passed away eleven years ago. We decided this year we wanted to start a new tradition and truly party it up on Grandpa's birthday and reminisce.
It was such a special night!!! We all shared fun memories, laughed, ate one of Grandpa's favorite desserts (turtle sundaes), and then finished off the night with letting off Chinese wish lanterns.

What a wonderful legacy Grandpa Ken created!

I feel blessed to have the gospel in my life! I LOVE my Nate Dog!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tyler is HOT!!!

First of all I have to apologize for the crappy pictures. Tyler just finished up his basketball season with Coach Ditto.
Birch really enjoyed coaching Tyler.
I'm thinking Tyler might have gotten some of his daddy's ball skills. Tyler is quick on his feet!
Tyler was one of the top scorers on his team!

I sure enjoy an inside sport where us spectators get to stay warm. Way to go Tyler!