Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day Four - Tarzan goes to the beach

Wednesday morning started early with a morning session at the Suva temple.  We enjoyed the peace at the temple and being together with my parents.
That sulu Birch was wearing sure turned me on.
Beautiful morning!
So that's where I got my good looks from...
Suva, Fiji Temple was opened in the year 2000.  Elder Earl M. Monson of the Seventy presidency presided at the temple's groundbreaking services. "It will be a privilege for many of you to watch as the temple grows from where we are today to a beautiful structure on this scenic hillside," he said to those gathered at the event. He said the temple will stand as a reminder of the intention God has for families to be eternal. "It will be wonderful for mothers and fathers to be able to point to this temple and say that this is where we were sealed for eternity and their families will have a sense of peace and assurance that will help them through difficult times."
The church owns two schools on Viti Levu.  We drove by the LDS Primary School -- these kids were so excited for Birch to take their picture.  The LDS Church College is also right by the temple and the grounds are just beautiful.  It reminded me so much of the BYU-Hawaii campus.
After packing up our stuff in Suva we loaded the truck and headed an hour away to Zip Fiji.  This was a more expensive splurge ($104/person Fijian money or about $50/person US $) but SO worth it!!!  There are eight zip lines that take you over the forest floor and the Wainadoi River valley.  What an awesome way to really experience the Fijian canopy!
WOW -- none of us had ever done a zip line so we were all a little nervous (well, at least I was).
Our zip line guides were hilarious!   The canopy "tour" was designed by some Canadian guys that wanted to make an Eco-friendly zip line.  The platforms were hanging using suspension.
SCARY!!  I squealed like a little pig the whole time.  My mom flew down with such grace and never said a peep.
Birch was like a monkey and would take pictures and film while flying down the line.
Such a fun and memorable experience!!!

Next stop was to the Wellesley Resort where we stayed the next two nights.  The Wellesley is located on the Coral Coast which is known for its' beautiful pristine waters.  The resort is located on 100 acres of beautiful manicured gardens, wonderful beach, tasty food, and very tranquil environment.  I think there were only like four couples staying there so it was so peaceful.  We hardly ever saw anyone on the beach so it all felt so private.   The rooms were nice and the price was excellent (about $65/night US $).  Gotta love that Fijian/US money conversion!

These flowers smelled DIVINE!!!

Check out that awesome smile and the beautiful colored fish!  This guy had just gotten back from spear fishing. 
Birch having a little kayaking fun.
So in love!!!
Birch caught me walking back from a little walk on the beach.  Heaven has got to be a beach...right?!!
Just as we head in for the night the fisherman all start heading out to spear fish with flashlights.

This picture is exactly how I felt at the end of peace.  Fridge leaking water and ruining our wood worries; internet went out and hired a guy to fix worries.  All my cankers that I had flown to Fiji with were all gone...I was at peace.

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