Sunday, May 20, 2012

Alysee Struts Her Stuff

Alysee also performed in the school talent show.  She and her girlfriends practiced for months during recess.

The girls were banned from practicing their pyramid at school so they moved practices to our house.  They were so giggly it was hard for them to ever finish their number.

Sure turned out cute!

 Alysee also "struts her stuff" as a school patrol member.  She is not a fan of the morning duty as she prefers to sleep in to the last minute. 
She takes this job seriously! (Note:  she is wearing capris under that uniform)


Annie & Tom said...

Alysee-We've only been gone about 8 months but how come you look SO much older? And where did you learn all those stunts? Thanks for your service as a patrol guard. Alex, Tyler and you have each done a wonderful service. Is school really almost done??

Matt said...

Nice work talented!