Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bonding through Rock Climbing

 The first weekend of May Alex's boy scout troop went to the Feathers to work on their climbing merit badge.  Alex already has in merit badge but still soaked in every minute.  Tyler and Birch joined the troop for the overnighter.
 So proud of both of these boys!  This particular climb was real challenging for both of them.
Alex cleaned up a lot of the climbs.

 And the Ditto brother's salute carries on.

 Tyler is such an awesome climber.

This was Tyler's first scout campout so it was extra nice to have Birch along.
Alex is quite at home on the rocks!
Lucky boys to have such an awesome Dad!


Anonymous said...

So fun! Brave though, I went rock climbing for the first time last week and it was terrifying! Way to go! :)

Matt said...

What an awesome tradition to get into!