Saturday, May 19, 2012

Coop Turns 6!!!!

 Hard not to love this kid!  He is full of laughter, mad dancing skills, and the life of the party!
 Alex asked Coop what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday -- Coop described a cake with all different layers of circles stacked on top of each other.  Coop loved Alex's masterpiece.

Coop weighed in at 38 lbs and 44 inches tall (that was almost 3 inches of growth since December).
Brave Coop decided that he wanted to participate in the school's talent show.  He was full of butterflies but did awesome!  They saved the best for last -- Coop wrapped up the show.
Wish you could have been there?  Click on



Annie & Tom said...

Love those moves Coop -- wow, you've really been practicing! Sending our love from Fiji - Ami & Poppy

Matt said...

Nice to see that that song is making its way back around again!