Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Weekend

What a refreshing weekend we just had!  I always look forward to Memorial Weekend -- not only to have the time together as a family but also because of the true meaning of Memorial Day...remembering loved ones that have passed away, especially those that have fought to keep our country free.

We have a tradition of going to a cemetery each year. This year we made it in time for the Memorial Day celebration put on by a group of retired Marines.  It was a WONDERFUL ceremony!! 
 The half an hour was filled with patriotic song, prayer, and poems that reminded me that freedom is NOT FREE.   It was such an uplifting service!
The last couple of years we have gone to West Hills Cemetery which has become more special as our friend's little two year old daughter was buried there last year.  She has a beautiful headstone and we all love looking at it and remembering her.
I am also reminded each year of our little girl that we buried in Missoula, MT.  We have only been back once since we have moved from Montana but it still holds a special place in my heart.

Great discipline technique -- holding hands with your sibling while walking in the public.  They were real good the rest of the day.
Birch and the kids built a "smallish" retaining wall.  Birch hauled over 3060 pounds (each block is 60 pounds) to create that wall.  Really you could times that number by three because he had to first load them in the truck, then unload them, and then load them in the wheel barrow to haul down the hill.  The kids were a good help hauling gravel and sweeping.  Next we get to work on the beautification part of the project.
We finished off the night with a delicious dinner with Emily, Ryan, Sage and Mila.  It was our last meal together while we both live in the same town.  So sad...Emi and Ryan packed their moving truck and drove away this past week.  It has been sad for all of us.  Chloe has called Sage several times in the past day and half since they left.  The kids keep asking why Mila has to move too (she is just such a sweet girl and has us all wrapped around her finger tips).

I truly am so thankful for all those that have fought for my family's freedom!! 


Matt said...

What a great way to discipline! Looks like a wonderful weekend.

emily a. said...

Dying over Tyler and Alex having to hold hands. That's really funny and I'm sure they love you took a picture of it. We're sure missing you guys a ton!