Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mini-Olympics Hits Our Hometown

Coop and Chloe have been taking gymnastics classes this school year.  Since Coop is in half-day kindergarten he does not get P.E. so I thought this would be a great work out for him.  Turns out both Chloe and Coop LOVE it!!  Both have advanced classes over the year due to passing off requirements.  I'm not sure that we will continue with the classes after this summer since they cost an arm and leg.

 Coop joined the Rockets group several months ago.  It is a super physical class and great for using some of his energy.
Chloe loves it all -- the outfit, seeing her friends at class, Teacher Julie...oh yeah, and the gymnastics stuff.

So fun to have her Bestie in class!

The floor dance routine was so cute.  The girls did their dance to "Walk Like An Egyptian."

Coop LOVED his dance number to a Kung Fu Panda song!

Chloe, Emi, and cousin Sage (Sage used to be in class with these girls but she advanced quickly and now goes another day.  She was a great cheerleader!)

Super proud of her blue ribbon!

Coop was so excited to share his accomplishment with his brothers.

Feeling the Olympic spirit and wishing you could have been there?  Click on


Annie & Tom said...

Chloe and Cooper - wow, what great routines and gymnastics tricks! You look professional. We would love to be there and see you perform. Keep up the good work. WE LOVE YOU! Ami and Poppy

Matt said...

I love the concentration on Chloe's face!