Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day weekend was one that we were all looking forward to!

While the boys all headed to the Father and Son's Campout the girls (Emily, Mila, Sage, Chloe, Alysee, and myself) all indulged ourselves in dinner at Olive Garden.  Chloe and Alysee had been planning this night for weeks.  Alysee had never been to Olive Garden so that is why she picked to go there.  We all consumed so much food but still came home with enough for lunch the following day.
We watched a really intense princess/horse movie while munching on jelly beans.  I hadn't noticed Mila's lips until I was editing this picture.  She obviously LOVES candy!
 The boys had a great time roasting hot dogs, having a fireside, and playing ultimate frisbee by flashlight.
It was a chilly night but everyone had a great time!  Uncle Ryan joined the boys for the overnighter.

Mother's Day I was surrounded by those I love most! I enjoyed breakfast in bed, lots of homemade cards and gift certificates, a delicious lunch, and a gift card for itunes.  Those kids know I love new music!  

 Love these kiddos!!!

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Matt said...

Great photo of all you!