Monday, June 4, 2012

Gap2Gap 2012

Keeping with tradition the Dittos rocked the annual Gap2Gap relay race.  This year we had four kids participating on four different teams.
Team ROCKETS -- Nate Ditto, Chase and Colin Cox, and Jackson Cluff (not shown - Carter Stapleton)

Team NINJA WARRIORS - Conner Johnson, William Cobia, and Cooper Ditto (not shown - Tommy James)
Team THE TERMINATORS - (Tyler Ditto, Sarah Daley, Abe Seal, Kaleb Cox)

Team MARMOT - (Alex Ditto, Kyle Wilkinson, Emily Lewis, Emily Holden, Kyle Johnson)

Cheerleader Chloe
Cheerleader Alysee (Alysee told me on the day of the event that the reason she didn't want to participate this year was because she "wanted to give me [mom] a break."  Last year was super stressful with so many kids participating in so many events and when it came time for Alysee's event I was running around like a crazy woman crying and yelling trying to figure out where Alysee was supposed to be doing the obstacle course.  Guess it was a little traumatic for both of us!

Tyler had some sweet speed on his roller blades.
Go Tyler!
Tyler also did the obstacle course and the final run to the finish line.

Alex did AWESOME in the kayak portion of the race.
Coop was thrilled to get to actually participate this year in the race.  He was finally old enough.  He ran the 1 mile portion of the relay.
Nate also did the running section of the race and got his team off to a great start!
Tyler loved every minute!
Alex's team actually won first place in their division!  

Ninja All-Stars finished in 5th Place at 23:48
The Terminators finished in 10th Place at 39:39 
Marmots finished 1st Place at 01:00:11
Apparently The Rockets scores were lost because there were no team scores for them.  Boo!

So proud of my athletes!!!


emily a. said...

Sad we barely missed the race. Last year was fun watching all the kids. Everyone did so awesome!

Matt said...

I totally love this tradition! When are you going to do it Sara?