Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Little Lady Turns Four

 Chloe has been counting down for months until her Fourth Birthday FINALLY arrived!  The morning started out with waffles and then was spent watching the other kids do swim lessons (one of the things that had to go after she started sportin' her pink cast).
 For lunch Chloe chose to have Burger King Happy Meals at the park.  Daddy was able to join us for lunch.
 A few weeks ago I found this Little Tikes Cozy Coupe car for $7.00 at Goodwill.  I've always loved these but haven't gotten one over the years because I figured it would not bring out the best in my kids (one car + too many kids to share it=fighting).  So one of the perks of being the last child was realizing my dream.  The rest of the kids all worked together to scrub it up clean for Chloe and then Alysee and I found these cute removable wall stickers from the Dollar Store that they added to personalize the car.  Chloe was DELIGHTED!  The kids have spent several hours over the last few days tying other little bikes together with rope and pulling Chloe around.
 Love these two girls!  Alysee and Chloe generally LOVE being with each other.  Alysee loves organizing things for Chloe to do and learn.  Each night she works on teaching her another letter and has her practice writing it.  They both have a love of animals and bugs and both can chat up a storm.
 For dinner Chloe originally chose to have pancakes but the rest of the kids didn't think having syrup twice in a day was okay so they convinced her to have Papa Murphy's cheese bread.  Chloe is in a super picky annoying stage and has limited foods that she currently enjoys.  We also enjoyed sliced strawberries, pink watermelon juice, and a delicious salad with our cheese bread.  I was totally lame in the dessert department AGAIN and talked up how cool these mini ice creams would be with sprinkles.  She was happy and more excited about her new Baby Alive dolly that pees.  Jena, her new doll has been toted around with Chloe ever since.  She only came with one diaper so I succumbed and bought a mega pack of real newborn diapers one more time so Jena is not peeing all over my floor.
 After dinner we hurried and loaded in the car to head to the Bears baseball game.  We had free tickets and Chloe LOVES going to the games and eating treats while scoping out the mascot, Boomer the Bear.  We had lots of friends that went to the game and we stayed way too late but had a ball.  It was a perfect ending to this special day.

 Chloe is the perfect cherry to our family sundae!  She is a delightful girl!  

Her favorites include: going to preschool, any social interaction with anyone no matter their age, animals, bugs, playing with her siblings (especially outside), going to the kids' schools, anything pink or purple, candy, gum, going anywhere with her daddy, watching Angelina Ballerina, Dora, or Strawberry Shortcake, coloring, play dough, playing with her cousins Sage and Mila, going to anyone's house, and talking on the phone.  

One of her top favorites is going over to our neighbor's house, Don and MaryJane.  They are kind of like our adoptive grandparents.  Chloe will scope out Don working in the backyard and will immediately come beg to go to their house.  If Don is not outside she has been caught several times standing at our fence and yelling, "Don, Don!!!  Come out and play with me."  Don is so sweet to Chloe and will lift her over the fence (actually Chloe has learned to scale the fence by herself now) and then push her on his swing or pull her around in their wagon.  They have the cutest playhouse for their grandkids that Chloe thinks is hers and she loves to play in it as well.  We've tried to not overuse our friendship too much so Don doesn't start doing his yard work by headlamp to avoid his side kick Chloe.  

She dislikes chewy meat, most anything we have for dinner, going to bed, staying in bed, being quiet in bed, being in the car for long periods of time, being told she cannot beg Don and MaryJane to go to their house, and not getting her way.

Love this girl!!!


emily a. said...

Definitely one of my most favorite 4 year olds ever. We miss you so much Chloe and Sage tells me that about 26 times each day.

Matt said...

Happy birthday Choloe! We can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!