Thursday, July 5, 2012


For the Fourth of July we had a quick and fun overnighter to Seattle, WA.  We stayed at the Homewood Suites in Tukwila.  I was super exited when I found this hotel online for several reasons.  They actually knew we were bringing eight people with us AND there were going to be enough beds for everyone plus it had two bedrooms (king in one room and the other room had two queens), full kitchen, large living room with pull-out couch, three tv's, and two full bathrooms.  To top all that off they provided a free dinner and full breakfast plus swimming pool/hot tub and basketball court all for $207.00.  It turned out to be a great hotel for our family!

 After chicken fajitas for dinner most of the kids jumped in the water or played basketball for a couple of hours.
 Nate, Coop, and Alysee would run back and forth from the swimming pool and then jump in the hot tub.
This is what I did for like an hour -- hold up Chloe's arm so she could "swim."  Chloe was in heaven!  Speaking of Chloe we had a sad (and a bit funny--only because of the outcome) happen shortly after we got to the hotel.  The kids were all running around like maniacs checking out the suite and channel flipping.  Alysee and I went out to the van to grab a few things while Chloe whimpered saying that she wanted to come along.  I told her to go back into the hotel since she didn't have any shoes on and we'd be back in a minute.  Next thing I'm cuddling next to my hubby on the couch, reading the newspaper and we both comment how nice and quiet it is.  Our romantic moment is interrupted by the phone ringing.  I answer the phone and the front desk guy asks me if we are missing a child.  I say, "No, they are all watching tv in the other room."  "Are you sure you are not missing a little girl with a bright yellow cast?"  "WHAT!!!" -- oh, that girl I didn't know we were in charge of keeping track of ALL our kids.  Birch runs to the front desk (because I am too embarrassed) to claim our lost child that apparently had been wandering around the hotel complex SCREAMING everyone in the family's names.  A nice lady picked her up and took her to the front desk so she could be reclaimed by her looser parents.  The good thing...she still had her hospital bracelet on so they front desk folks could verify her name.  As you can imagine, I tried to avoid all eye contact with all hotel staff the rest of our stay.  Chloe seems unscathed by the mishap though her parent's shrunk a couple of centimeters.
 Forth of July morning we headed to downtown Seattle to Pier 57.  We just had to get a picture of Coop standing next to a Mini-Coop. 
 Our first stop was to the brand new Ferris Wheel on Pier 57.  It's only been open for five days so you can imagine the looooong time (plus it was a holiday).  
 The Ferris Wheel is pretty amazing and takes you up 200 feet into the sky and above the water.
We all tried our best to be patient for the hour and half that we were in line.  It was pretty chilly outside and after paying the large sum to ride the Ferris Wheel I felt pretty chilly inside : )  It was my first time on a Ferris Wheel so you can imagine how many times I told the kids that they better appreciate this expensive memory and not complain about the wind chill.

 The view was AMAZING from the top of the Ferris Wheel. 
 After our fifteen minute ride we walked to the Crab Pot and ate claim chowder and sour dough rolls while waiting for the downtown city bus.  We all climbed on the bus and got dropped off near the Safeco Field for the Mariner's game.  Back in February I got a great deal on tickets (eight tickets for $120 plus $40 in concession stand credit) that could be used at any game.  We thought what could be more American than going to a baseball game on the Forth of July.
 This little gem just about lost all her cuteness within about forty minutes of the game.  She was whining; I'm sure her previous late night didn't add to her joy in sitting in the stands watching a baseball game.  Finally after the sixth inning we headed out to cash in on our concession stand credits.  Chloe knew the moment we arrived at the game what she wanted -- sticky, nasty, blue cotton candy.  She loved every morsel!!
 The Mariners played against the Baltimore Orioles
Alex was so excited to go to the game even if the Mariner's didn't play so awesome most of the night.   The most exciting part of the game was the last half an hour.

 After getting food this girl remained happy the rest of the game -- she ate half a bag of kettle corn and plenty from a bucket of bottomless popcorn.
 Alysee loved the social part of the game and her vanilla milk shake.  I'm thinking that in the future made the boys will go to the game and the girls will go to the zoo.
The bus ride back to our car was a quiet one.  Chloe fell asleep and was out like a light.  Birch actually carried her to the car and she slept another hour into our trip home.

It was a super fun trip, though we didn't feel like we did as much celebrating for the Fourth of July as we usually do.  In fact, we sent all the kids to bed by 9 pm and skipped out on the fireworks all together.  So are we totally lame parents...first we loose our child AND don't even know it and then we don't take them to see the fireworks?


Matt said...

Looks like a really fun trip!

Leah said...

All these awesome summer activities. You will best parent awards for SURE!

MaryJane said...

We lost Josiah at Great Wolfe Lodge and there were 6 adults in charge of only 4 kids. Now that is really bad! What a fun trip. And I think you get Mother of the Year for holding Chloe's cast out of the water for an hour!