Friday, July 20, 2012

Scout Camp 2012

Both Alex and Tyler had the opportunity to go to scout camp this year.  They went at different weeks but to the same camp location, Camp Fife.
Alex's troop -- Alex has been the Deacon's Quorum President for about the past year and so was the senior patrol leader at camp.  He has really taken his responsibilities seriously and has learned to love all the boys.  He was a little tearful knowing this was his last activity with all of them since his birthday was right after camp.
 Since Alex has been to camp for several years he didn't need to complete any of the "boring" merit badges.  He loved working on his horsemanship merit badge.
 Alex was super excited when he found out that Kaleb Cox was taking the canoeing merit badge at the same time.

 Alex had a great time at camp!  He came home the night before it finished so we could head to Utah for him to attend EFY.
 Tyler attended Eleven Year Old Camp the first week of July.  They combined their troop with another group which ended up being really fun for them to get to know some new guys.
 He got to participate in an outdoor flag ceremony.
 I'm guessing this would be Tyler's least favorite part of the camp.  The heater had broken and so the water was 56 degrees -- not nearly warm enough for a boy that has no fat on him. 
 Shot Gun Shooting
 Bow and Arrow
 Map and Compass Merit badge
 There was even some time for games with some of the other troops.
Birch was able to come up for the evening of the first night and then stayed all day the next day.  Tyler loved having Birch with him.  Tyler passed off a lot requirements which was just what we were hoping he would be able to do.

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