Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A tad fit as a lovely chef

This past weekend Birch and I became another year older and wiser.  Birch also became even more fit and awesome as he participated in the Coeur d'Alene Triathlon with one of his younger brother's, Logan. 
 I don't personally relate to the natural buzz that Birch gets after competing in something like this but to Birch it is a perfect way to stay fit and celebrate his birthday.  Next year Birch's number will be -40- and he will actually start a whole ten minutes later than the "younger" guys.
 First legs was the 1.5K swim -- you can tell why these boys stay warm in the winter :)

 Then the 40K road bike ride -- I hear there are some killer hills on this route.
 Coming in from just finishing the bike portion.
 Last portion was the 10K run -- I'm wondering how he can be smiling at this point of the race?!
During the race the kids had a great time playing at the park with some of their cousins.
Alysee and cousin Lucy were lovin' soaking up the sun.
 Coming in to the finish line.
 Winkin' at his cheerleaders!
 Check out these happy brothers -- their times were SO close to each other!  Nothing like some friendly brotherly competition!  Logan is hoping that with Birch turning 40 year's old next year he can finally beat his big brother :)

Birch's times:  
1.5 K Swim (32 min 45 sec)
40K Road Bike (1 hr 24 min)
10 K Run (46 min 50 sec)
Total time (including transitions): 2 hours 47 minutes  (I think he beat his time from last year by about 5 minutes)

 Next stop...
 Liberty Lake -- everyone had a great time in the lake.
 The Spokane Ditto brothers just bought a boat together and we were lucky enough to be invited for a little afternoon tubing.  Tyler and Nate had a great time!
 Coop, Nate, and cousin Addison
 Nate and Addy on a hunt to find some swamp life.
 We enjoyed a super tasty and fun family dinner at Brent and Deena's home in Post Falls, ID.  The girls all invited (I mean demanded) the "men" to learn and perform a dance to "Call Me Maybe."  It was hilarious!!!
 Tyler had fun on the go-cart.
 We also sneaked in three super mini-photoshoots -- one of the newest Ditto -- Dallin Ditto is just ten days old (born to Brent and Deena); a family photoshoot for my sister Emily's family and Logan and Julia's family.
 My sis-in-law Annie made Birch and I a delicious cake to celebrate our birthdays.  After dinner we sent the kids in the house to watch movies while us adults all went in the woods to watch "Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol."  Brent had worked really hard and setting up a deluxe outdoor movie theater with great sound and a large projected movie.  It was super fun even though we didn't get the kids to bed until 12:30 am.
 Birch ordered this cute apron from -- just kidding...but anyone who lives around me knows that I wear an apron 24/7.  I hate stains!  I also celebrated my birthday the following day after with a shopping solo, massage, pedicure, dinner at a fancy restaurant with my Lover, and an evening framing our new family photos.  Lovely!!!
 On Sunday morning we dragged our tired bodies out of bed and went to sacrament meeting with Grannie.  Then on the way home we made a stop at Pines Cemetery to see Birch's dad's grave.
 It was a special time for Birch to share some memories of his dad with the kids.
 It's been neat this summer to have visited several cemeteries and feel connected to loved ones that have passed on.

 Birch and I feel grateful to be in good health and madly in love!

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Way to go Birch! Love the pics of you in your pretty apron Sara :)