Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cousins, Surgery, Fun...oh my!

The main reason for coming home via Spokane was to leave Nate and Coop at Annie and Kelly's house so they could attend Sports Camp with their cousin.  We ended up leaving Alysee at Logan and Julia's house, Nate and Coop at Annie and Kelly's, and brought home Sage to our house for the week.  The dynamics sure changed at our house when we had a fourteen, eleven, and two four year old's.  It was such a fun week for everyone!
 Well, maybe not so fun for Alex on Thursday.  He had surgery to widen his ear canal and clean out his middle ear.  Birch had to work so it was just the two of us at surgery.  Alex was really brave and did great waking up out of anesthesia.

 The surgery seems to be a success.  ENT, Dr. Ryan Black, was able to widen his ear canal almost double.  We have learned that over time that his canal starts to close up and so this type of surgery is need about every two years.  Dr. Black made a slit in his canal and folded back the skin and then drilled the canal wider and then folded the skin back.  Then then placed two wicks (similar to a tampon) in his canal and filled them with an antibiotic to hold the skin in place and help in the healing process.  We returned for a post-surgery appointment yesterday and everything is healing great.
 Chloe also had another doctor's appointment for her arm.  The healing process is coming along nicely for her as well though the doctor still wanted to keep her arm fully protected for a while longer.

 John, the cast tech, has become a good friend of ours.  He is really cute with Chloe each week and draws fun cartoons for her while we wait for the doctor.  This is John using the "tickle pickle" to cut off her cast.
 Chloe got a waterproof cast just prior to our trip to Utah.  It was so nice to have a shorty cast and WONDERFUL to be able to enjoy all the water activities.  This visit John actually made her a removable cast that she can take off for water activities.
 Sagey and Chloe had the time of their lives all week.  We went swimming, played at friend's houses, went to a reggae concert in the park with Happy Meals, hours of playing Barbies, and Sleeping Beauty dance camp each morning.
 We love this little girl!  It has been so fun to watch Sage grow up into such a sweet four year old.  She is hilarious with her antics!
 The girls LOVED Sleeping Beauty dance camp each morning.  The final day they dressed up for a family performance.

  They did a great job on their dance!
 You can see why we call Chloe's new cast her "Santa Claus Cast." The week flew by for these girls!
 Chloe LOVED the princess sparkles that her teacher put on her eyes and lips.

Back in Spokane:
 Alysee was in heaven having a new students (all her cousins) for her school.  Alysee enjoyed every moment of her week away (even the day she threw up and Aunti Julia took such good care of her).  They packed the week with swimming, movies, playing school and orphanage.  She thought Aunti Julia was such a good cook and can't understand why I have never made Shepherds Pie before.  She came home exhausted and full of fun stories from her week away.
Nate and Coop spent the week with this cute family -- Annie and Kelly.  They spent the majority of the days at the Jackson's Sports Academy learning/playing all kinds of indoor and outdoor sports.  The evenings were filled with playing at the park, swimming, and delicious meals.  They had such a good week too!
Friday night all the kids went to Uncle Brent and Aunti Deena's house for a Cousin Campout.  They  planned super fun games, an outdoor movie, go-cart rides, s'mores, and sleeping out in a tent.  I don't think anyone fell asleep until 1 am.

Birch drove up late Friday night to Spokane and tucked in Sage into bed (she was missing her Mila) and went on a early morning thirty-five mile bike ride with several of his brothers (they are in training for a triathlon and their ABH bike trip) Saturday morning.  Everyone was home by the late afternoon just in time for Birch and I to finish off the day with a hot date.

Phew...what a week!


emily a. said...

Thank you for taking such good care of Sage!

Matt said...

I love the cousin pictures and the outdoor movie. Such a summer classic!